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Welcome to Tradenet London 

Our Mission: Transforming lives worldwide through exceptional day trading education.

Tradenet London* is a leader in Stock Trading education and is an award winning company, having been honored with Best Training Academy by Global Financial Market publications for its achievements in the quality of our training, the number of successful traders created and delivering cutting edge training programs at competitive prices. But don’t just trust us, read our testimonials from some of our successful students.

At Tradenet London, we think that it is not enough to just teach you the tools and techniques of  the stock trader but provide you with the right support system to ensure that you are on track from DAY ONE!!! 

We only succeed when YOU succeed. 

 * Tradenet London is located in East London and close to the City and is a division of Cromwell College of IT & Management and a subsidiary of Tradenet.


Tradenet London offers comprehensive day trading courses on US stocks, the world’s largest online Trading Room where hundreds of US stock traders from all around the world meet and trade daily under the live guidance of Meir Barak. Our courses are taught by Meir Barak and other well-known professionals live on-site, at locations around the world or online.

To start your educational journey, we highly recommend attending one of our unique courses

+  Tradenet History

Tradenet was established in 2004 by Meir Barak, well-known analyst, successful trader and author of The Market Whisperer. Tradenet has successfully taught 30,000 people worldwide to intelligently trade the US markets. Meir and Tradenet regularly appear on TV and in the financial press.